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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or HPI Check?

Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or HPI Check?

Geneva Motor Show


To get to the Geneva motor show is relatively easy, I took a 1hr 40min flight with EasyJet from Liverpool, or many went BA from Heathrow. Once at Geneva airport it is a 15 min walk to the exhibition halls.

This year saw many new model launches, and a few facelifts, that some manufacturers did call new cars. Many Concepts there, some that will make production looking very similar to the concept, and others that will never see the light of day, simply because they are too outrageous or will not pass any safety or homologation requirements, but still interesting to look at, and try and picture what the future may look like.

There was plenty of talk about the PSA / Opel/Vauxhall take-over/merger, but plenty more discussions about the future of diesel powered vehicles, and no doubt these debates will continue for the foreseeable future.

Mazda CX 5.jpgMazda CX-5 – Quite a popular SUV that has had a few changes to the bodywork, and these changes are noticeable and do make it look more chunky, especially the front end, the grille looks great

Ford Fiesta – The good old Fiesta, just part of British life, and has been for many years, the backbone of the small hatch. Yes the new car is different, but take the badges off, cover one eye, stand 100 yards away from it, and yes, it’s still recognisable as a Fiesta, which is no bad thing.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept – one of those concepts that will be produced, and probably not dissimilar to this concept. It will be a pure electric car, and is reported to have a range of around 500km. Prices and on-sale date are still unknown, but think Jag might just be onto a winner with this if it does hit the streets sometime late next year – watch out Tesla – you now got a real competitior.

Range Rover YELAR.jpgRange Rover YELAR – odd name, and the name something to do with how we speak, odd I know. But whatever its called, it does look premium and seemed to have plenty of cabin space. It will sit in the range between Evoque and Sport.

DS 7 CROSSBACK – The French are aiming to go upmarket and break into the Q3/Q5 market. They will launch initially with ‘La Premiere’ which is fully loaded with gadgets and gismos and technology, many are useful, and some not as much. The interior on La Premiere looked, felt and smelled really premium. First cars due in the UK early 2018, so a bit to wait if you want one.

KIA Picanto – a nice looking small five door hatch, but not that small, looks solid and will appeal to old and young alike, looks solid and safe.

Mercedes Gullwing.jpgMercedes Benz Gullwing – What a classic, and wouldn’t you just love one of these. But looking around the show, it was interesting to try and spot a new car there, that will become a classic one day.

Mercedes Benz Concept X-Class – so why haven’t Merc shown, or even built a Double-cab Pick-up before, seems so obvious doesn’t it – they make great cars, vans and trucks, so why not one of these. This Concept looked brilliant, and just hope it becomes reality

BMW 5-Series Tourer, an evolution not a revolution, but a handsome looking estate, and no doubt will be as popular as every other 5-Series Tourer.

Volvo XC 60 – If you thought the current one is good, then wait till you see this all-new version. Looks great from every angle, a sure-fire winner. The interior looked real quality, and a nice place to spend hours..

Alpha Romeo Stelvio.jpgAlfa Romeo Stelvio – this is Alfa’s first venture into the SUV market in and a very stylish looking SUV it is too. The front end with that traditional Alfa grille looks a million dollars. I like the name, and maybe they should name a ‘pass’ after it..??

Fiat 500 60th Anniversary – yes 60 years since the first 500 in 1957, and still selling well. The car looked so cute and cool (can an old bloke say that – cool ..?) with its two-tone paintwork, and nice interior, this could become collectable?

Suzuki Swift – this all-new car will only be available with five-doors. The rear door handles are well hidden, and if you take your granny out in it, she could spend hours trying to get into it. A pretty small hatch, and should be competitively priced.

Honda Civic.jpgHonda Civic TypeR – A car you will love or hate. When you see one on the road, you will either be very courteous and let one out in front of you, and wave and smile, or just block their way and growl out-loud and say something quite rude under you breath. It will no doubt be a quick thing as it produces 316hp. At least your granny will be able to get into it, but I bet she will want to get out of it pretty fast..

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – it’s like a Tiguan, but bigger, it has seven-seats, but not sure if they are standard or an option – think they should be standard. For a large SUV it all looks in proportion.

Voltswagen Arteon.jpgVolkswagen Arteon – a what I hear you say – Arteon. Its bigger than a Passat, and will replace the CC. It’s a large five-door Coupe, good looking, and very stylish – but Arteon, who thinks up these names? – did somebody in Wolfsburg wake up in the middle of the night, after a dream and thought ‘Arteon’ what a cracking name for a large Coupe…!!

SEAT Ibiza – five-door hatch, no more three-door coupes or estates with this all-new car. A nice looking car, nice lines and nice design. I did see some being tested near Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, and out in daylight, in natural surroundings, it did look better than under the lights of the show.

Alpine A110.jpgAlpine A110 – the Alpine name has re-surfaced after many years of absence. Alpine is part of the Renault Group, and for those who remember, famous for sports cars. This new model follows in this tradition, and a lovely looking car it is too. The rear-mid engine car produces 252hp, and will be available in the UK as early as Q1 2018. No prices yet, but they start around 58,000 Euro in Europe.

Nissan Qashqai – new front end treatment, and many more improvements. No doubt its huge popularity will continue.

Mclaren 720S.jpgMcLaren 720S – replaces the 650S, and what a cracking looking car it is, really is a Super-Supercar.

Vauxhall/Opel Insignia Grand Sport – the five door hatch, but also the Tourer was on show. What a great looking car it is too, such nice lines and so much improved than the current car, it almost shouldn’t be called Insignia, as it is so different, and so good.

Eadon Green Black Cullin Concept – this car was designed, and the company based in Yorkshire. Not sure if this car will go into production, but does look great, and very retro, will look very strange on the streets of Huddersfield, but probably not out of place driving around Moscow. An interesting Concept – I like it. 

Eadon Green.jpgSkoda Kodiaq Scout – a ‘pumped-up’ version of the seven-seat Kodiaq.

Audi Q8 Concept – a big thing, and if it is produced, it is likely to be either pure-electric or Hybrid.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo – you need  big boot lid to be able to stick on all those names. I’m not sure just where this sits in the market, it will probably become known as the Panamera Estate. Everything from the drivers door pillar back is different. It will be available with up to 550hp, so a quick estate. Due on-sale October 2017

Hyundai i30 Wagon, or estate as we say, is a good looking, practical load-lugger, and no doubt very reliable.

After what seemed walking for miles all day, taking in the sights of all these new motors, was time to wander back to the airport and get the easyjet flight back to Liverpool, into the car, and then find the M62 was closed in two places, meaning long and tedious detours, how very annoying. Will any of these new cars, new technology, new ideas manage to avoid road closures? – no definitely not, as technology moves on at a pace, there is nothing that will stop those cones coming out at night and bringing the country to a standstill…!!! – two hours 10 minutes to do a 1hr 15 min journey….ridiculous – but all in a day (and nights) work…


Martin Ward

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