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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or HPI Check?

Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or HPI Check?

Petrol hybrid cars show greatest forecourt resilience


New research by automotive data experts, cap hpi, shows that petrol hybrid vehicles offer the strongest forecourt resilience of any fuel type. 

The gap for petrol hybrid vehicles between the price advertised and sale price achieved is only -2.8%, which compares favourably to an average of -5% and -5.25% for electric vehicles. 

The average gap between advertised value and sale price is £376 for petrol hybrid vehicles. The figure rises to £890 for diesel hybrids. Petrol vehicles outperform diesel, with a drop of £430 against £609, respectively. 

Commenting on the findings Philip Nothard, retail and consumer specialist at cap hpi said: “It is clear there is strong demand for petrol hybrid vehicles in the used market. Lower volumes and good fuel efficiency make an attractive package for the used buyer.” 

Volumes of petrol hybrid vehicles remain low, accounting for 58,846 of the 2,136,155 new cars registered to date in 2016. 

Nothard said: “In a tightening market it is important to make the right stocking decisions. Having the right information can help retailers react quickly to the local market with stocking and pricing decisions. It is important to use the most up to date and accurate data.” 


Philip Nothard

With over 27 years’ experience in the motor trade, Philip brings an informed eye to developing industry insight and market commentary. He joined cap hpi in 2010 as Retail & Consumer Black Book Editor, where he was responsible for analysing pricing data and interpreting strategic trends in retail, consumer and trade markets. A widely experienced and highly successful automotive specialist, he has a wealth of knowledge gained at the most senior levels whilst working for blue-chip businesses within this sector. His experience helps him to interpret trends and raw data into contextual and meaningful insight. Philip’s career includes managing dealerships for independents, supermarkets and large PLC groups. 07702 382 025 philip.nothard@cap-hpi.com

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