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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or HPI Check?

Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or HPI Check?

Where next for diesel?


In the UK and across Europe governments are tightening the rules on vehicle emissions with the aim to improve air quality. The UK government is expected to announce the outcome of a consultation on a clean air strategy that could see a broad range of measures implemented from clean air zones (CAZ) in cities across the country to a targeted scrappage scheme aimed at taking older diesel vehicles off the road.

cap hpi brought together the following experts from across the industry to discuss the government’s plans and what the industry would like to see in the coming months to form a whitepaper. 

  • David Collings (Head of marketing - cap hpi)
  • Andrew Mee ( Senior forecasting editor - cap hpi)
  • Philip Nothard ( Retail and consumer specialist - cap hpi)
  • James Dower (Senior editor back book - cap hpi)  
  • Chris Chandler (Principal consultant – Lex Autolease)
  • Toby Poston (Director of communications and external relations – BVRLA)  
  • Steve Latham (Head of operations manager – NFDA)
  • Thomas McLennan (Operations officer- NFDA)
  • Mark Lavery (CEO – Cambria Automobiles plc)

    Download the whitepaper 




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